Saturday, February 05, 2005


Was supposed to meet up with Zoe this morning for breakfast. I woke up, looking at my phone and saw 9.54. Looked like I had 10 minutes to get ready. I looked up at the clock in my room and it showed that it was 10.54am. Hmm, maybe sometime in the night the battery in the clock may have died and started again. But that couldn't be...

Got up, opened the door and saw the clock in the hall also showed 10.54am. That would mean that my phone's time was off! Decided to check the phone and saw it was 9.54, but it was pm! Damn, I think must have been playing with the phone last night and accidently set the time to New York. Didn't realize that it set the time into that time zone. Bugger!

Called up Zoe immediately and she said she too slept in. I was supposed to call her at 10am, but apparently she thought I must've slept on. Apologized to her as I was supposed to follow her to fix her car number plate. Her bro followed her and I met up with them later on in Nam Chuan for early lunch. Had the Bakuteh... Yumz!

We later headed off to 1 Utama. I wanted to check out the Mambo store as American Express cardmembers get 20% off. But didn't see anything that I liked there, so was just more of browsing than shopping. Dropped Zoe off and went home.

Merv said dinner was at 7.15pm. Rudy was going to come get us. Waited till 8.05pm before Merv's car arrived at my place. Apparently Rudy was late. But he didn't gimme notice, so continued to suffer, feeling hungry... while waiting for him to arrive. We went for Tom Yam, nice Nasi Paprik Ayam and Telur Dadar. Man, that hit the spot!

Ended up the night at Bodhi Tree. Merv had the chef prepare some nice banana pizza dessert. It was delicious! Bunch of noisy girls were behind, but due the reception of my notebook, we had to move to the back portion of the restaurant. Strangely enough, that group of girls kept it down after we moved to the back.

Oh yea, Rudy learnt Hokkien today. Tua Liap! Drop it like it hottttt!


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