Saturday, February 18, 2006

Nano Technology

Ipod nano Posted by Picasa

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this blog. I know, I've been putting it off for almost two months or so. I think it may have been longer. I've been busy with work, but I know that's not an excuse.

So, let's see, I bought myself a nano. Yes, I finally caved. I had to get a toy, and the nano was definitely it. I was killing my O2 mini's battery life by playing mp3s on it the whole day. Yes, music helps me relax. That's my excuse. Since we can't play music out loud, the only option was through those small mp3 players in the market. I've been looking at a few, there was the Samsung's tie-clip lookalike and then there was the Creative's mp3 player. Then Sony launched it's new players last month, but somehow all these brands could not compare to iPod. So much for not caving in to Apple's marketing tactics.

When the nano first came it, it looked really fake. How could it be so flat? No bigger than a credit card and was only as thick as a pencil. How did they do it? And to top it all off, it looks damn good. The finishing is just perfect. Other mp3 players in the market came no where close.

I must admit I was kinda persuaded by the fact that my sis bought an iPod mini last year. It did look good, but somehow it didn't stike a chord with me like the nano did. When I first saw the mini in the market, I was in disbelief. How could that be an mp3 player?

Well, yesterday was the first time I wore it around my neck. Normally it'll be tucked nicely in my shirt pocket. No one knew I was listening to music. Well it did catch a few eyes, especially from a few managers in the office. But they didn't think much of it. Hehe, it's not like I'm listening music and slacking from work.

So, which model did I get? I was going to buy the 2GB model, but since it was just RM 300 difference, thought what the heck. Might as well go for the full package. Yes, it was greed. I don't know what got into me and now it seems that I cannot finish the songs in the nano in one full charge. It runs out of battery before i finish half the songs that I've preloaded in it.