Sunday, January 23, 2005

Fellowship of the Tiles...

Woke up at 11 something this morning as we planned to go get Rudy's set in Taman S.E.A. Yesterday was a late night as the guys came over for some Initial D and mahjong. Felt a little groggy even though I had 7 hours of sleep, could be because I haven't been drinking enough water for the past two days.

Wan Yee picked me up at 1pm and we headed for Rudy's place. Picked him up and we decided to have banana leaf rice for lunch. Wan Yee stuck to his vegetarian diet and ate Maggi Mee goreng. Rudy initially wanted the mee goreng as well, but when he saw what I had ordered, he decided to change the order. Lunch was great, and the pricing was reasonable too. RM 8.00 for banana leaf rice with fried chicken inclusive of Sirap Ice. Cheap!

After lunch we headed to Taman S.E.A. and Rudy went in the shop to pick up his set. Finally he has become an official Tiling Committee member. So, we're still waiting for Azuan to get his. Who else is missing a set?

Rudy decided to officiate his set and the ceremony took place at my place. We played a few hours and decided to call it quits. After that, got a call from So Bee. Been a while since we've spoken. Maybe a little too long...

She asked to meet up for coffee cause she was on her way back from a meeting. Hmm, sounds exactly what I would've done if I were still working for her parents. Seems to me that she's changed quite a lot. She's more mature now, and knows how to think for herself. That's all I should say for now... She's put my name in for Fitness First in the Curve. Might head there this coming Wednesday to see how the place is. Seems kinda far from Bangsar, so I might just give a miss on the membership.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Running in the 90's!

Kam Seng's AE86 turbo Posted by Hello

Well, this is Kam Seng's baby. He's done a lot of work to it since I've seen it. The last time I drove this car was when it was still standard, with the 4AG 1.6 engine. It was pretty fun to drive back then but now it's turned into a monster! Sad to say we couldn't get the car started because of a problem with the new forged pistons that he's had installed. Apparently not that good quality and the engine oil is seeping into the block resulting in white smoke! Talk about fogging! But for all you Trueno fans, this is one true in the flesh! A fully imported original AE86 Trueno with all the original bodykits from TRD. Nice...

Good ol' KSM

Woke up early this morning, needed to go collect something for me mum. Anyway, bought breakkie and went home. Got ready after that and waited for Azuan to come over. He's going to be spending some cash on his car today. We were headed towards KSM (Kam Seng Motorsports).

Made an appointment with Kam Seng at 10.30am. To my surprise, he was already opened when we got there. I was a little unsure of the road to Puchong as so much has been changed. But managed to find our way there. Got there, Kam Seng still looks the same. It's been 3 years since I've seen the bugger and he's still telling all his stories about Thailand. He's also extended an invitation to Betong this Thursday. Told me not to bring my passport as he knows the OCPD there. Hehehe, that way he says no one will ever know. Azuan was laughing.

He had his car checked out, took just under an hour. Surprising! This place has gotten a lot more efficient since the last time I came here. I still remember the time when I wanted to change engine oil, and Kam Seng threw me a spanner and oil filter remover. He showed me where the jack was and told me to do it myself. Well it was good experience. Kam Seng's always been a good mentor and I should say I owe most of my motoring knowledge to him.

Azuan bought me lunch, the delicious Fried Rice with Salted fish in the restaurant next door to Kam Seng's shop.

Half the day has already gone. Had to go to Maybank to collect the new EMV card. Apparently they are SO efficient that they only received the Visa card and not the Master. Looks like I'll have to wait a little longer for the other one. They are really slow.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

New Toy for me!

After all that time playing Initial D, I thought to myself, "Now wouldn't it be great to get myself a Logitech steering wheel?"

Sure enough, I hardly slept at all last night. Woke up this morning and decided that I really need to get one! Went to Merv's shop for lunch with Wan Yee and Jackson. After that, we headed towards Mandy's shop. Hehehe, yes... the steering wheel... Walked passed a few shops and did some browsing. They didn't have the Momo Modena Replica by Logitech anymore. The Logitech Wingman Race Pro looked interesting though...

Went straight to Mandy's shop, flipped through the new games and saw Gran Turismo 4, the chinese version. Actually I've been wanting to pick up the game ever since Merv picked it up last month. Ahhh yes... the feel of the steering on the PS2. My precious...

After buying the steering whell, dropped Wan Yee off and went straight home to test it out. Initial D was fun! But only had time for a few test runs. Had to meet up with Emily, Patsy and Christy for afternoon tea at Sunway Pyramid. Far... was thinking of giving them the ol' FFK, but looks like I've done it one time too many. Rushed there in 20 minutes and was lucky to get a parking. Walked straight to Coffee Bean but they were not there! Called them up and they said that they've changed venue. Told me to go Kim Gary instead. I'm like, "What the???" If there was a change of venue, do inform me in advance. Don't make me walk all the way there and call you guys up!

After that came home, took a shower and back to Initial D. Hehehehe. Ecstacy. I paid RM300 for the steering so I think I should be getting my money's worth considering Initial D is RM2 per game. So far, I think I played over 20 games already. At this rate, the ROI will be good!

Jackson and Wan Yee came over for the MU game. Good to know that MU beat Liverpool twice this season, and with 10 men. After the game, quick food break at Mahbub and then the guys are here now playing mahjong and enjoying the new steering wheel. Yeaps, Jackson, Wan Yee, Rudy and Merv all enjoying themselves.

Friday, January 14, 2005

After the first interview...

My gosh, I hardly got any sleep last night. I don't know if it was just me worried about today's interview or whether I was thinking how life would be after I get back into full-time work. It is kinda scary, joining a new organization and not knowing who your allies are. In the end, I think I got like maybe 4 hours of sleep last night. The alarm blarred at 8.45am, and I slept in till about 9.05am. Didn't wanna be late for the interview, got outta bed showered and ate some oats for breakfast. At least that should keep me full for some time.

Got to Damansara Uptown at 10.25am, circled the whole area and not a parking space left! Made a round and ended up parking in Uptown 1. My gosh, it's quite a walk to the other end. Next time I should park in Uptown 3!

Went there filled in the usual forms and attended the interview. Pretty much standard operation procedure stuff. Until, what's this I hear?...

Upon confirmation I'll be getting a company car, a company cellphone, a company petrol card and a company laptop. Hmmmm, this solves all my problems! I mean, the hassle of maintaining a car would be gone! I'd have absolute financial freedom! Hmm, all this sounds too good to be true. And best part I was thinking of getting another PC, but heck, with a company laptop hahaha, that solves my other problem as well.

Oh well, I can't be all too happy first. I'll have to wait for a second interview, then I'll start celebrating.

Anyone looking for a 1992 Familia 323 turbo? If I do get the job, the car would most probably have to go.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Major Blackout... Again???

Was woken up this morning by Zoe saying that she wanted to go breakkie on last time before leaving for Europe. Looked at the time, it was 10.15. Considering I slept at 4am yesterday after much twisting and turning. Must've been the Initial D kicking in. Hmm, I think it's time I get myself a Logitech Momo. Hehehehehe...

Told Zoe that I'd pick her up at 10.30am. Needed to get up early anyway, had a resume with Carlsberg that I needed to send out. Went downstairs and saw a cutting of the same ad. Hmm, my dad must've been worried that I wasn't looking in the classifieds. Hehe, thought to myself, "I'm one step ahead of ya, mate".

Anyhow, went over picked up Zoe and went to the middle shop in Lucky Gardens. Parking was easy as it wasn't lunch hour yet. Got there, sure enough, Zoe ordered her usual Pan Mee. I went for the Pork Ball Noodles. Yumz. I didn't notice the amount of pills (vitamins) that Zoe had on the table on top of the tissues. There were like 10 different pills! I asked her what they were and she said Vitamins. Now that's a lot of vitamins to be taking. I get mine from good ol' oranges and whatever fruits I can find in the house. Hehehe.

Decided to go pick up a pressie for Shuk Khuen. Nice of Zoe to tag along cause I really appreciate the opinions. Not too good shopping for gifts. In the end settled for a teddy bear from Russ. Nice. Now you won't find one in my car anytime soon, that's unless it's given by someone important. But no worries, my car has no room for cute teddy bears. Bleh!

After that walked around Megamall, wanted to go grab a cuppa Joe but as we were nearing the entrance of my favourite drinking hole, the freaking lights go off and everyone went, "OOooooohhhhh". Me, being the moron and bumpkin wanted to see what's all the fuss about. Turns out the place went blackout. At first I thought someone blew a fuse or something. Then there was a guy who was walking by us talking on his cellphone, "What? Sungai Besi is affected too???" That does not sound good...

Zoe and I walked around a bit, see how it was to walk in Megamall without lights. Thought it would be pitch black in Metrojaya, but turns out their emergency lights were brighter than anything I've even seen! It puts all the other emergency lights to shame. You walk by the Levi's shop and see just one spotlight shinning down. Metrojaya was almost flooded with lights! There should be an ordinance saying that during a crisis of blackout each shop should be allocated a certain amount of emergency lights. Clearly, Metrojaya had the most! Too bad for the other shops.

We walked to one end and back to the centre. Thinking that it was taking too long to be a small power trip, she suggested that we leave the place. True enough, the blackout lasted almost an hour. Went downstairs and it was completely dark! Now that's where the 262K colour screen phone comes in handy! Bright as a torchlight, it guided us to my car. I love my LG. Made our way to the car, I started it up and we headed straight out. One of the boom gates was opened, and then I thought, "Dammit! SHouldn't have paid for parking". But then again, it was only 1 ringgit. No biggie.

Ended up driving around Bangsar, Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara. Everywhere, all without electricity. Thought it was kinda major, but some of the intersections had traffic lights. Couldn't be that bad, right? Drove all the way to the Curve and then behold, Light! Went straight into the carpark... OK, I drove past the carpark wanting to fill some gas, but the freaking Petronas station wasn't opened! Darn it.. got conned again! Drove back into the Curve and headed straight for Starbucks. Ahhhhh Latte and Tiramisu. Yes, I had a craving from the movie I saw yesterday afternoon.

Everybody wants Kung Fu Fighting

Woke up this morning, well, technically afternoon... went to Lucky Garden to buy lunch. Man, I never thought it would be that tough looking for parking on a Wednesday cause Nam Chuen is usually closed. But I ended up circling the place for like 20 minutes and still no luck. Was thinking of the Chicken rice in Sin Lai Peng, but since I couldn't find any parking I decided to screw that thought.

Drove out from Lucky Garden and thought about having something healthy. Ended up going to Medi-Ya for some sandwiches. Watched a HK movie called Tiramisu and it was an utterly waste of time. Damn, wished I hadn't started but since my harddisk was getting full... thought I'd take the opportunity to get these shows out of the way. After the show I went downstairs and decided to clean the aquarium. Was procrastinating this for a very long time already. The water was turning brown, bad sign. So finally got around to changing the water. Poor fish, lucky for me he's hardy. If it were goldfishes in that tank, they'd all be either dead or would have caught some disease.

Washed the car in the evening. I wanted to do it over the weekend but couldn't cause there was no water! Damn PUAS! They keep cutting the water over the weekends. Maybe it's because they know that we wash our cars every weekend. Hmmm, this time I'm going to be one step ahead of them.. I'll wash my car on Fridays or Saturdays. Hahaha, take that you PUAS suckers!

My gosh, time really goes by fast when you have something to do. Quick glance at my watch and it was already 5.45pm. Took a shower and called Merv after that. Remembered that dinner was early tonight because of the movie, KungFu. Andrew arrived at my house, picked me up is the FCUK FM mobile. Hehehe, I was thinking, "Waitaminute, this ain't the Pimp Mobile". A little quiet...

Went to Megamall at 6 something, waited at Maccas for the rest to arrive. After a quick dinner, we made our way to the regular place, and straight to the coin counter and changed a few dollar coins. Yes, the Initial D machine is waiting...

After a few rounds we went to watch the show. Quite a good movie. Shall not try to analyze the show too much as I've got an important day coming up. The job interview that I've been waiting for... Wish me luck ppl!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Cuppacino... Posted by Hello

Cuppacino... fancy a cuppa?

Man.. A day of drifts, too much Vanilla Coke and more drifting!

Firstly, Happy Birthday dear Pauline. Hope you are well in UK and I'm looking forward to seeing you next month.

It's been a while since I've written something, so thought it was due time to update this blog. I've been busy stressing with a jobless life and at the same time in order to survive had to do some trading. I'm not complaining about being jobless, cause actually with the trading I've actually been making quite a bit. I should say enough to get by.

Oh yea, I've also gotten a job interview with Lafarge Malayan Cement Bhd. I actually applied for the management trainee program, but since it's been 3 months and no news from them.. I thought it was over. Next thing I knew, they called me up last Friday and told me that I was offered a position for Sales Exec. That was good news. Hopefully if I do get the job, it will be greater news!

Will keep you guys updated on that.

Spent the whole of yesterday in Midvalley. Was supposed to have breakfast with Merv and Zoe, but in the end I overslept. Only managed to wake up at 1 plus, but still managed to make my way there in time to have lunch with Andrew and the gang. Went for Sushi King, nice! It's been a really long time since I've eaten sushi so didn't waste anytime, just munched on Salmon, Unagi and Hottatae. To top it off, ordered some tempura with rice. Ohh, that really hit the spot.

After that, we went to the arcades, had a few rounds of Initial D. At first, I was thinking, it's really been a while since I've played it, took one of the easy tracks to start with. Next round, ended up playing one of the twistier ones. My head was actually spinning around at the end of the few rounds. Dammit Merv, that Cuppacino is fast!

Andrew said that dinner will be in Chilli's, so we decided to hang around. Rudy went off to pick up his mum. Merv went home to rest his ankle, which left Zoe and I to walk around. Went to the dive shop to ask for some quotations, PADI or NAUI? Hmmm, Rudy and Wan Yee didn't seem to mind either, but with the latter, we get a better price. Alritey guys, we're going to go with Zoe's uncle and I think we should wait for her to come back from her Europe trip. How's that?

We hung around a few shops after that, went off to Chilli's so that Zoe can have her head start on the drink challenge. Hmm, I told her that she was so screwed! Now to put things into perspective, Merv said he was a V12 engine and Zoe, I think would mbe more of a 1.6 liter 4 cylinder. Well, I think maybe a little like 2.0? She did managed to finish 5 glasses of Diet Coke. I myself did 6! Well then again, Zoe and I had a head start, so that should not count. I regretted my decision in drinking so many glasses after that.

Thanks for the lunch and dinner andrew! We're going out and the next meal is on me!

After dinner, it was back to more Initial D action in the arcades before we called it a night. It was tiring and when I got home, took a shower and finished up Angels and Demons. No, for all of the rest who don't know, it wasn't another game on the PS2, it's a book by Dan Brown.

Now, it's off to the other book, Da Vinci code.