Friday, July 14, 2006

My love...

My gf asked me why there has been no updates in my blog recently. It would seem that I have neglected this space for a long time. She finds it necessary to read some of my posts to get some insight into understanding what I feel better.

Now, I do not disagree that when I type, I tend to find myself being more expressive. Or is it just because that I am unable to express myself in a more verbal manner? It would just seem that I may not say what I think, but it does show in my body language that I am thinking of something. But sometimes I do have the habit of looking like I am deep in thought, but actually my mind's really blank.

My gf says that I have a foolish look on my face most of the time when I'm around her. Well I guess it's the foolishness in me that does not make me seem so serious all the time. Deep down, I know she likes it, although she likes to tease me all the time.

Life's really full of surprises sometimes. I never would have known how lucky I am have have met the love of my life. Now, being single for so long, it really does make a difference when you meet the right person. Chen Yen, you are the best thing that's ever happened to me and I am really grateful about us being together.

To be honest, I haven't really had much to think or write about. My thoughts are filled with you most of the time and I know that you feel the same as well. Love actually would be the best feeling in the world at the moment. I have never felt this way before and I will always love you deeply darling.