Sunday, May 28, 2006

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Forever Charmed

Well, looks like after 8 seasons the Charmed ones will finally get the rest they deserve. Come to think about it, I was not such a big fan of the show when it first came out. I didn't pay much attention to the series and thought of it more as a show with a boring story line. I remembered that I was not so hooked on the series, just watched about an episode or two a month, without actually following the whole series.

I only became hooked on the series when Phoebe started falling in love with a demon, Cole, who was Belthazor. Now, I'm not one for all that lovey dovey plot, but Cole was a cool character that I liked. The one demon who was supposed to be good. The one demon who became the Source, which was the evil of all evil. It was a great plot when they decided that Phoebe would be married to the Source and together give birth to an offspring, who would rule Earth. Sounds like the prophecy of the anti-Christ. It was sad that he had to be killed off.

Now after 8 years, and a slight change in the cast, when Shannen Doherty left in at the end of Season 3. It actually came as a shock to the fans, I for one did not pay much attention at that time. It was then when I started to watch the previous seasons that I managed to catch up to the time line. If I recall correctly, I started to become hooked on Charmed in Season 4. It was kinda wierd not having Prue in the picture, when all the prophecy was leading that they were the three sisters who would be destined to be the Charmed ones. Who would've known, there was another. Paige, the half sister. Interesting how the plot seems to change doesn't it?

In all fairness, the season finale for Charmed in Season 8 gave a proper send-off for all the characters. Prue was mentioned in the episode. All the family members of the cast came back. Penny Halliwell (Grams), Patty Halliwell, future Wyatt and Chris (Piper's sons) were all brought back to the final episode. There was also a future version of Piper and Leo, who were pictured to grow old together having grandchildren of their own. The final part of the episode showed the sisters writting down their experience and living their lives like everyone else. Phoebe marries Coop the Cupid and has 3 daughters all together and continues with her work as a columnist. Paige who's married to Henry also has 3 children of her own, a pair of twin daughters and a son named after her husband, Henry Jr. Every character is given a proper send off.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


So, there's going to be a major reorganization. I for one was not prepared for it. At first, I thought that they'd probably be moving us regionally to support a different country. That was management's first plan after all. We'd be the chess pieces to be moved around until they get a right mix. I would say for the present the formula was at it's stable mix. However, after two major pieces tendered their resignation, I would say that prompted management to re-think their game plan and to move the pieces around once again. It's entered a do or die situation. The one word here was desperate.

I wouldn't want to dwell too much into the details as I for one do not blog about company matters on personal blogs. I mean, the changes are directly affecting a lot of people. I will still remain where I am for the current time, however my workload's going to be doubled. Yes, that means even longer hours in the office and even more chances of being labelled the office furniture. Heck, since I'll be at work so much longer, I'd better set up a sleeping area there as well. Sigh, plenty of things to come.

So as they say, when upper management makes a decision, we down at the bottom of the chain of command will have to take the orders blindly. I would imagine this would be something like when President Bush ordered an attack on Iraq. The president makes executive decision and the military is expected to take the orders. No questions asked. You just bite the bullet and take the heat. March on to fight the war and hope you come back alive.

Funny how this reflects much in real life. I can see that there are bound to be changes. Sometimes change is a good thing, it happens with relationships, at work and even in your life. So far, the previous job that I had never had a major re-organization. I would say, changes to me is a very new thing. Looks like I'll just have to soldier on and we'll see where I'll end up from there. If this has thought me one thing, don't get too comfortable with where you are at the moment. Enjoy every moment of your life and make sure you live it to the fullest.

Ever had a life changing epiphany?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hips Don't Lie

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Alright, this hot little Latino's new video has had the same effects on the guys as it had on me. The first time I saw the video my eyes were glued to the screen so hard I think I had to pry them off it after I finished watching the video. Yes, the way she gyrates her hips is truely an art form. Yes, we don't get much belly dancing in Malaysia, and even if there are, it's just not the same. It's gotta be performed by someone preferably from Middle Eastern background. When Shakira does it, I don't freaking care anymore cause she can really moves those hips.

The best part about the song is when Wyclef Jean sings,

I never really knew that she could dance like this
She makes a man wants to speak Spanish
Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Interesting isn't it? Yes, those hips really don't lie.

I still remember the first time when Wan Yee and Jackson were playing mahjong in Merv's house. The TV was locked on MTV at that time and we weren't really paying attention to what videos that were playing at that time. The moment the VJ announced Shakira, I told the guys, "Stop". The two of them were wondering, what gives?

Next, they were captivated by Shakira's lovely gyrating movements. That was when they knew what I was talking about. Yes, we spent the whole 4 minutes, just sitting there glued to the television. We totally forgot about the mahjong game and were doing what guys were born to do. To be captivated by the, "Hips that Don't Lie"...

Datuk Rudy was the latest to be introduced to the Latino's hips. Played the clip for him on my laptop yesterday and what a mistake that was. He ended up getting more full games every round in mahjong after that video.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Another Youngblood for the VTEC gang?

Well, just got wind that Datuk Rudy's Accord has breathed it's last breath. Sorta like that scene from Initial D where Takumi's engine gave way. I would imagine Datuk Rudy's one may have been a little more painful with lots of grinding noises. The timing belt for the engine in Rudy's car snapped, which translates to a lot of unnecessary expenditure. Having the timing belt give way is definitely a big nightmare for anyone. So far, I've been very cautious about timing belts. Normally, I'd let it do 70,000 kms before a change. The manufacturers swear that all timing belts are good for 100,000kms or 5 yrs, whichever comes first. With our weather, the belt is better changed earlier than later. The rubber does degrade after a certain time and the heat from the engine bay isn't too encouraging either.

Here's my favourite statement, "It's an excuse for an engine conversion...". However, I guess Rudy won't be joining the VTEC club. So far, it's just Azuan's Prelude and my Civic. Have been trying to get Rudy to join the dark side, but it seems that it may all be futile. Guess the Accord won't be undergoing an engine transplant nor will Rudy be hearing the roar of the B16 engine.

So, what's the justification for an engine transplant? I'd be the first person to jump at this chance. But the ball's not in my court for this matter and I do understand that Rudy has got a lot of commitments. Assessing his situation at the moment, if he does an engine transplant, there's going to be a lot more savings for him in the the long run. Firstly, I'd say the consumption as the B16 is definitely going to be better than a 1.8 block any day. On top of that, there's plenty of savings from the b16, in terms of road tax. That should count for something, right?

All I can say is, Datuk Rudy, the choice would be yours. Wouldn't it be nice to hear the VTEC roar?

A Virgin's Plea?

Stumbled across this website:

Basically this guy has put out a challenge to get laid by his friend (who looks hot by the way), if he manages to get 5 million people to visit his website in 30 days. Otherwise, he'll have to be her personal slave for a week. Hey, good deal!

Well, I do support your cause dude, but I ain't buying a T-Shirt.

Good luck!

Interesting Question

OK. So the 30 year old dateline is currently getting closer as we speak. A colleague of mine actually read about that blog and found it to be quite funny. So if by 30, if I'm not in a steady relationship, I would have to purchase a wife from across the border. When that was brought up last year, it seemed like I had plenty of time. Now, that another year has passed, it would seem that time is catching up. I know that the rest of the guys are not taking this challenge too seriously. So should I?

Anyway, we got to talking and it does seem that with all the hours that we put into work, there is really not much left for social life. It's either that or it's just an excuse that people make up for the lack of effort in going out to meet people. To put things into perspective, it is much easier to talk the talk. But can we actually walk the walk?

Being very self-conscious is part of our society. I mean most of us are very worried about how people would look at us or think of us. My colleague actually said that I am the kinda guy who would be a very commanding husband. The typical Chinese husband who does not do any housework nor would offer to help out his wife with any chores. THe kind of alpha male, who would only sit around reading the magazine, or watch TV after dinner while his wife is to wash the dishes. Strangely I was quite surprised on why she said that I displayed that kind of character. I mean, was I displaying typical alpha male behaviour at work?

So why do we work late hours? Work our asses off and not have a life? Actually looking back, ever since I've joined FedEx, my social hours have really been cut down. It's almost none existent. Finding the time to meet up with friends is a luxury and when they end up getting married one by one, where will you be left? But then again, 30 is not for another 3 years, so there's still plenty of time, or is there?