Sunday, April 16, 2006

Moving On...

Well, I've just realized that time really does pass when you don't look at it. It just seems like yesterday that I was hanging out at Mike's Mobil station. When I was there the last time, which was at the end of March, the news he told me was shocking. Petronas has made a bigger bid and has secured the rights to the station. I've known Mike for like, 4 years. It's only when I was really into messing with cars that I met him and that was when I was buying gas from his station. Funny, my dad used to come to this station when I was much younger. Back then, the car he owned was fuel injected to Mobil only. Who'd ever heard of that? And mind you, this was a 732i BMW.

Bottom line is that this place existed for 30 years and now thanks to the national gas company, they've gotta vacate the premise. Stupidly, Petronas already has one down the road on the opposite direction. These people don't know the meaning of the word too "MANY". Actually come to think of it, in Bangsar alone, there's 3 including this new one. Who the heck needs more Petronas gas stations???

Anyhow, well thanks to the greedy Malaysian petroleum giant, there goes my favourite hang out place. At least Mike's family has managed to secure another Mobil station, however that's in SS2. It'll be a little off course, however it's still near my office.

Come to think of it, this was really a nice place to hang out. Exchanging stories about how cars should be tuned, what would be the optimum setting for turbo charging and all the toys that we'd buy for the car. Now that I've given up on turbo cars for the time being, I really do miss the power and the torque. Sure the Civic has the comfort however when it comes to all out power, it just does not have the kick. On the track the VTEC engines will give turbo charged cars a run for their money on the track. Look at the Civic Type R, The DC5, S2000 and the recently discontinued NSX, all a class of their own. Honda didn't believe in turbo charging, except for last season in the JGTC where they introduced the twin turbo NSX, which fared badly in the JGTC. I think they should stick to N/A, which is their forte.

Oh well, I guess it's a wake up call that life does move on and that if you have the money, you rule the industry.