Friday, January 26, 2007

Nokia N91 Enviroboyz

Yen and I were in Midvalley for dinner, we were going to pick up some groceries after food when we stumbled across a Nokia event in the centre court promoting the new Nokia 6300 phone. While, we were there, the MC announced that there would be a competition and whoever could answer the questions, could win some prizes. This is the second Nokia event that I won something, which is what you see here, the Enviroboyz, along with some Nokia goodies such as a cell phone pouch, a lanyard, a pen, a calendar, a name card holder and a music CD. Heck they were promoting the N93i and the 3G video calls. The first one was when the X-Files movie came out. I won a T-shirt.

We were paired up with a partner and there were two pairs. The contest was simple, we were each given a movie title each and one person had to act out the title while the other guessed it. The title that we got was Happy Feet, which was very easy. Yen helped with the answer when she whispered it over to my ear. I guessed the first word, Happy and she was pointing at her feet, so Yen said Happy Feet. The other pair guessed their's in 50 seconds. We did it in 18 seconds, which won us the bigger prize. I must say, the 3G video quality is already bad on the small screen. To stream it over a 32" LCD TV, the resolution was very bad.

Hmm.. wonder how much I can auction this set of Enviroboyz for?

Thursday, January 25, 2007


We were having dinner in Bangsar when we decided to go take a look at the newly launched wing of Bangsar Village. While walking, Yen noticed the centre of the new building was decorated with nice lanterns. Looks like Chinese New Year is just around the corner and she decided that she could put the new phone to good use. I must say, this was one lovely picture.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MIG (Men In Grey)

Well, well, we were out for Baskins tonight in Bangsar and guess what? The MIG (Men In Grey) struck again.

Yen was out with Lily tonight for some girl talk. So I thought it would be sensible to let her go have some of her own time with her friend. I wasn't really in the mood tonight anyway. After getting a rejection from a potential employer, I was pretty down and felt like having something sweet. So called Merv up and Ming Tzern for some ice-cream. Since the Sun newspaper has been giving out these coupons, and I've collected a few... thought I'd just meet up with them to have some ice-cream.

After ice-cream, we were on the way home and when we were walking along Bangsar, we saw some sirens. The MIG had made their presence felt and they were doing their rounds again. Yes, it's funny how they only seem to tow Protons and other cheaper makes. We were watching the whole ordeal and there was a 5 series parked on the other side of the road and it was not even touched. Hmmm, discremination? Are the MIG telling us to buy foreign makes instead of local cars? Why the attitude to tow local makes and not German manufactured automobiles?

It kinda makes me wonder. I was thinking we should all just get Bentleys! Or the RR Phantom. I'd like to see them tow that! Yes, Merv and Ming Tzern were saying that they have the 3 tonne truck that tow bigger vehicles. But they usually just bring the 1 tonne truck, so you're safe. However, since both Bentley and RR are now owned by the Germans, you're safe in the first place. The MIG would go, "Ohhh, German marque, no need to tow..."

Kudos to the government for lower import taxes on large capacity cars. Now we'll see more petrol guzzling Beemers on the road. Why get the 2.0 when you can now afford a 3.5 V6 or a 4.5 V8. Of course there's the road tax and insurance to worry about, but heck if you can afford these cars, what's a couple of tens of thousands worth? Just like changing a Kancil every year!

Job Change Failure

Today, I got a call from the company that I went for interview with. Apparently, the brand manager who has been pending my resume felt that she did not want another freshie and decided to pass on taking me into the department. According to the HR person who called me, she wanted someone with FMCG experience.

As for my resume, it will be KIV and if there is anything suitable that pops up, she will inform me and call me up for the interview. Sigh, looks like I'll still be in this department for some time. It's not like I do not have hope in the other company, they have spent money sending me for the aptitude tests and all, so they'll be keeping my resume for anything that may be suitable for me.

To be honest, I'm not keeping my hopes up anymore. I mean, I did thank her for her gesture in calling me and being diplomatic. She didn't want to shut the door by sending me a "Thank you for your application, but unfortunately..." letter. So I guess that's a good option to leave the door open.

For the time being, it's back to job searching and also to the drawing board. Sigh, this really is a sucky start to the new year.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Marry Me Today...

I remembered when I heard this song and I really wanted to make it my ringtone for Yen. Whenever she called, this song would play. It's really meaningful and a lovely song. Considering about the question of marriage, almost all the guys know that Yen and I are planning to get married sometime next year.

I've gotten my mum's consent about a few weeks back. Actually Yen and I have been discussing about getting married, and it looks like getting married on the Year of the Pig would be a good thing. The actual date still has not been decided yet, but it will be once I go to Bahau to pay her parents a visit during CNY. We'll let her parents decide on the dates for us to get registered and probably we'll also decide when the dinner would be held next year.

More to come...

Cold Noodles

Since I was off today, I thought that I'd cook dinner for Yen. Since I was at Bangsar Village, I managed to pick up some sandwich ham. Yumz. So after drinks at Coffee Bean, I went back home took out the carrot and cucumber. Yen arrived after I've finished cooking the noodles. I finished finely cutting the carrots and cucumber and she helped fry the eggs and ham.

Dinner was simple, she made the sauce and Miso soup. Now that's what I call a good and simple dinner.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves

This afternoon, yes, I remembered to take photos. It takes a little getting used to knowing that you have a real "camera" phone. Most of the phones out there are really just posers that take really bad photos. The picture quality of the K800i is really good with the 3.2 mega pixels camera. That's Keng San, Ming Tzern and Wai Sum.

Looks like Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves in Bangsar has moved and opened in their new location, which was in the new wing, right opposite Starbucks. Really good location, it's right in the centre of both Starbucks outlets.

You know, it's been said that Starbucks customers are so lazy that if you open an outlet about 500 metres away, both outlets' business would not even be affected. Now that's a full-proof franchise. Clever isn't it?

Brunch at Chili's

Woke up at 9.30am this morning. The plan was to go out with Keng San for breakfast or lunch today. Plans were changed inevitably when Merv said that he needed to drop his wife off at work and needed to go submit some documents at the UMNO building. Called Ming Tzern and Keng San to let them know that we'd be running a little late.

Merv asked for me to go along for the ride. Should've brought my PSP. Damn, I blame it on the small pockets of my pants. After running his errands, we made our way to pick up the guys and headed to Midvalley for lunch. As usual, it was Chili's. Good place, good food. Plus, Keng San was buying.

We ordered a plate of Nachos and that was gulfed down really quickly. I swore, we were so hungry the whole plate was gone in 5 minutes! As Ming Tzern said, we were a bunch of animals eating. The food was gone so quickly that we had to wait for the main course.

It was a good meal. I'm so full of water now, had 6 glasses of mango juice while Merv had 7. At least I'm on par with Ming Tzern. Keng San had 1 glass and he was already complaining that he could not move. The waitress brought him a refill and he didn't even finished it. He had a sip and that was it.

Should've taken some photos with the K800i, but looks like hungry was my first instinct. Eat first, ended up shooting nothing later.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sony Ericsson K800i

Well, the Mini O2 has served me for almost 2 years now. Looks like it was time to trade in and get something newer. I've had enough of smartphones for the time being. The next smartphone I'll be getting will probably be the iPhone by Apple. Saw the launch of the iPhone on youtube and I must say it's really something to look forward to.

As for the K800i, I bought one in the Allure Brown colour. Looks different that the standard black edition or the silver 007 edition. It's looks classier than the other two. I was over at the shop deciding either to go for this or the N73. In the end, I picked this one as the camera's good and a lot faster when you're snapping pictures. That's the main reason why I wanted this phone. When my Cybershot was stolen the last time my house was broken into, I have still yet to find a replacement. The K800i will do just fine.

On top of that, there's also the 3G function and watching Maxis TV is quite distracting. Yes, less work, more play!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Catching Up with Ol' Times

Yesterday we got the old Bangsar crew together for dinner with Keng San, a.k.a. Dr. Lau who's back in KL for 2 weeks. Merv organized a little get-together for the Bangsar ppl, namely Ming Tzern, Wan Yee, Merv's wife Vivian, myself and Yen. Looks like the person who was missing from this gathering was be Shaheed, who's moved out from Bangsar and gone to KK, Sabah as an engineer for MAS. It's been damn long since I've caught up with him.

We met up in Merv's place at 7.30pm to go to Brickfields for dinner. As usual, Ming Tzern was late. Merv gave him a call and he was at home getting some shut-eye. In the meantime, Keng San as usual was digging in to some noodles made by Merv's mum. Immediately when Merv and I saw that, we remembered Pizza Hut. Back then, there was a Pizza Hut restaurant in Bangsar and there would be a Eat-All-You-Can promotion. We would go there before meeting up for tuition. Our dear friend Keng San would come and say, "Guys, woah.. I'm damn full." This was after 2 pieces. When asked why, he said that he had eaten dinner that his mum had cooked. What's the point of going to an all you can eat, if you've already eaten something?

It was a good night reminiscing old times. We remembered the time when we would get together lighting things on fire in the middle of the road. We would light things like lighter fluid, matches and all. One time, we were so desperate, Shaheed took out some Singer oil, cooking oil and diesel. None of it burned. One night, we just went to the petrol station, bought some for RM 2 in a small container. We took it back home, left it at Keng San's house. Late that night, we went over to his place, took the container to the alley and lighted it. It just burst into flames! Keng San rushed home to get water, Shaheed and I were dumbfounded. The flames were so high and bright that it lighted the night up. The whole alleyway was so brightly lit! I was damned sure that we would be caught this time. Of all the times that we sneaked out for late night snacks and chit-chats, we have never gotten caught. This time, with the flames so bright, I was sure that some neighbour would see it and call the cops. When Keng San returned with a small 500ml mineral water container, the flames had died out. It was fast, scary and thrilling at the same time. That was the last time we set anything on fire.

Come to wonder, what would a small bottle of water do?

Then Ming Tzern remembered the time when we went cycling from Bangsar Baru all the way to Lake Gardens and the morning breakfasts in A&W in the old train station in Jalan Travers. Come to think of it, that was quite a distance that we cycled. How did we do it? Not to mention that it was dangerous and it was the main road filled with so many cars. I'm just glad that we're alive today. Who knows what stupid things we could have done back then?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Lovely Couple

My love and meself at Tai Lou's wedding

Tai Lou's Wedding

Well, I've been wanting to blog about this. Tai Lou (big brother)'s wedding was in November 11, 2006. It's just that I haven't had the time to write it. It was held in Damansara Mutiara.

It's been 8 years since they got together, since the HELP days. My gosh, time has really passed so fast. I remember those days, we'd gather over at Sylvia's place and we'd play Dai Dee till the wee hours in the morning. Back then we didn't have much to do except for hanging out drinking tea in the mamak store and playing Dai Dee.

I remember one time we had a BBQ over at Sylvia's place and we had a makeshift pit. Well, it was a small gutter and we put some chicken wire over it. In went the charcoal and boom, instant BBQ pit.

Khay Hoi brought over his Tequila bottle, which was like 2 yrs old. We gave it to him for his 21st birthday. Cheap but hey, it does the trick. My, it was just like yesterday.


Alright, I was asked if I had any resolutions for 2-double 0-7. I thought about it and come to think of it... I have never kept to any of my resolutions. It came to a point where I just decided not to make any more.

But one that I've made is to marry my gf. Looks like it'll be the end of being single. We're planning to get registered this year. It should be somewhere in the middle of the year. Since my mum decided not to get involved in choosing the date, Yen's parents will be looking at the suitable dates for us to get officially married.

We spent the weekend looking at furniture and what we needed for the room. I know that I want that 32" LCD television. It'll go really well with any furnitute in the room, don't you think so? So we ended up going to the Curve to pop by Ikea. There were a few things in there that would come in quite handy.

We ended up shopping for our wedding bands and managed to get a pair that we liked. Unfortunately the size was too small for mine and too large for her's. In the end, the shop still needed to make the alterations.

So looks like we're getting hitched this year!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Evolution X

The new Mitsubishi Evo X. This picture was fowarded to me by a colleague of mine. To be honest, it is a radical design that the boffins at Mtisubishi have taken. I mean, gone are the traditional looks of a normal sedan being pumped up by testosterones. The headlights have been completely redesigned with LED and a widebody wheel arches. Yen has always commented on the wing being too high or big. Well, I believe Mitsubishi has found the perfect formula.

This Evo has different headlights as compared to the newly launched Lancer. You can truly say that the Evo is all grown up now. From the very first Evolution that rolled off the production line in 1992. Back then, even up till the Evo IX, I felt that it was very much a boy racer's car. It was your ordinary Lancer being stuffed up with so much technology that it is basically as Jeremy Clarkson quotes, "A Pentium processor on wheels!"
This car has truly evolved into on of the most menacing street machines on the road. On stock factory specifications, this car churns out quoted figures of 280bhp. A lot of motoring journalists have suggested that in true figures, it exceeds that of the JDM limitation. I mean, to be honest 280bhp is worth nothing nowadays. The Germans are going through the 400bhp treshold. Sure their cars are still electronically limited, but with a huge V8 engine, it'll bash any JDM machine inside out and finish it before breakfast.
Sure, it's not about speed. People argue, why do we need so much horsepower anyway? Well for me I'd say that it's an ego thing. Who cares how fast your car goes, do you have as much horsepower as I do?

But still, the Evolution continues to evolve...

Quiet for sometime... GTA Muthaf***ker! 10 points!

Yes, Rudy's right... it's been a while since I've really sat down and written about anything. Since I can't talk about work due to the sensitivity of getting into trouble, I won't. But all those who see my nick on MSN, FedFuckingEx is really a nice nick ain't it? I make reference to the Sopranos. In one episode, Chris, Tony Soprano's nephew stole some watches and tried to sell it to the his crew. He said, "I stole it off the FedFuckingEx van". Realizing this, Tony hits Chris on the head and gives him a lecture about it being a state offence. Heck, they are dealing with drugs and guns, the big stuff. He does not want his crew to get caught for "minor" offences. SO that's where all the watches and jewelry went!

Being busy with my other half is just half the story. Most of my other free time is being dedicated to the PS2 - GTA San Andreas. Thanks Azuan for the copy, yes, it's definitely more fun than Vice City Stories. And Liberty City Stories for that matter, cause I've just completed it on the PSP. Ahh yes, my new toy. A part-X'mas gift from Yen. Thanks darling! Now I have entertainment when you are out doing your shopping. Of course I know when not to whisk it out, especially when my opinions are required.

I still remember once when I whipped it out in a shoe shop in Megamall. A kid who was sitting next to me kept staring at the screen. Fortunately I was playing Need For Speed: Carbon, so no vulgarity there. Had I been playing GTA Liberty City Stories, his mum's going to have a hard time explaining what the words like, "Cap, Fuck and Whack" meant.

I still remember not liking the game in the beginning. But I just sat down and tried the PSP version of the game and I immediately fell in love with the whole story. What's better than stealing cars, shooting people and doing drive-bys? Of course Yen would beg to differ, but it's really just a game and it's fun! I still get a snicker everytime I play any of the series.

Liberty City Stories makes reference to the Sopranos. The character you play is Antioni Cipriani. Funny that the Sopranos' lead character's name is Anthony Soprano. See the similarity? And you play a Mafia hitman who's been to jail and is back out trying to get back into the game. You eventually make your way up and end up being a Capo. Nice!

I'm currently stuck playing San Andreas now. It's a whole new level. Lots of things that you can do like get tattoos for your character, boost cars that you can now mod, boost lowrider cars that you can add hydraulics to and basically dress and change your character's outlook. Drive-bys are a lot more fun now that you can run a crew. Yes, you get to recruit gang members and go shooting the opposing crews and fight for territories. Making money is a hell lot more fun now that you can do buglary missions. Now I see why there was sucha big commotion when the game was first released.

Bottom line, would I let my kid play this game? The answer would be "Nope!"

And making a quick reference to a character that Mike Epps played in Resident Evil: Apocalypse - where he drives around the zombie infested Raccoon City. He runs one down and yells out "GTA Muthaf***ker!". After he hits the zombie he drives off saying, "10 points!"