Sunday, April 24, 2005

Blade Trinity

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Just finished watching the third installment of the Blade series. I must say, it was good! If you guys loved the previous two, then the third should not be missed. I love the part where Blade meets the badass known as Drake, who's supposed to be the first ever vampire created, thus the pureblood. He walks in the daylight, which gives him advantage over the other purebloods from the previous two series.

So back to the fight scene, Drake asks Blade, "Are you ready to die?" Blade replies, "I was born ready, motherfucker."

Drake grins, "Motherfucker, I like that..."

You've gotta love those lines. Unfortunately I can't say that the Malaysian film censorship board would agree with me there. To give you a gist of the movie without spoiling the whole plot, the vampires are basically tired of getting their ass whooped by Blade. Therefore they go in search of the legendary Drake, who's supposed to be the strongest vampire ever to live.

So to set the ball rolling, the vampires set Blade up. He's out on his usual night stroll, killing some vampires he calls 'Familiars'. He ends up killing a human, who put fake fangs on his teeth. As you know the vampires die leaving a patch of ash, no body. Here's a dead body, and he's killed by Blade. The vampires perpetrated the whole thing and caught Blade on film killing a human.

This leads the Feds hunting him as Public Enemy number One. Whistler the old man ends up dying fighting with the good and Blade gets captured. He uncovers the whole thing as a ploy by the vampires using humans as pawns. He gets rescued by the Nightstalkers led by Abigail Whistler, yes the daughter and another funny fella by the name of Hannibal King, a former vampire.

There's a scene where Hannibal's captured by the vampires and interrogated. He is kicked around and beaten like a rag doll by Triple H. Yea, the wrestler makes a weak attempt at acting on the silver screen. Maybe he should just stick to the wrestling drama on television. As Hannibal is kicked down, he gets up to his knees and whispers to the vampires, "You know... I just ate a whole lot of garlic for lunch and I just farted... the silent one..."

It's lines like this that makes it hilarious! You gotta love the script writers for putting things like this in the movie. All in all, the movie is really worth your time if you loved the previous two. This movie is somewhat related to the previous ones, but you won't miss anything if you watch this straight off. I still think Blade works better alone. Lots of fight scenes involving guns and swords. A kickass action film!

Friday, April 22, 2005

Interesting thought...

Here's an interesting thought that came up during an Ultimate Mudslide session in TGIF tonight. If you guys are lovers of Kahlua, Baileys and ice-cream, I really do suggest that you go to TGIF, take a seat at the table and order one without taking a look at the drinks section of the menu!

I was at the Curve to have dinner with the gang and I took the opportunity to look for some baby stuffs as Elaine's baby is turning 1 day after tomorrow. Ahh, the joys of watching a little baby, turning a year older. So, I was walking by the few baby shops that they have in the Curve, ranging from Anakku to Mother Care and I must say, this is really the first time in my life ever have I had to pick up some baby gifts. Usually I don't attend baby showers, but then again not many of my friends have started a family. Yes, we're still waiting for you couples out there to settle down and have kids once and for all!

Back to the subject at hand, Azuan was saying, "Wouldn't it be interesting to have your parents friends walking by the shop and seeing you in there picking out some baby gifts!"

I replied, "That's not too bad, what would you say to the parents of the girl that you are dating if they caught you shopping for baby goods?!" Imagine the look on their faces, seeing the boyfriend of their daughter looking for baby clothes or toys!

I tried browsing through the shops, but honestly I really don't know what to buy for a baby, who's turning 1. I was going to suggest clothes, but honestly I think maybe getting something useful like shower products or maybe lotions might be better. Sigh, it's really the first time and I'm really out of ideas. I guess tomorrow going to have to wake up early and go shopping for little Trinity.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Crow Bar!

Any of you who have been to Bangsar Baru, would recognize the crow problem that we have been having to put up with for so many years. It's not like City Hall has not been doing anything about the problem, but it seems that even with the crow shooting and the trimming of trees... these pesky black feathered birds are persistently multiplying!

The reason why I am venting my anger towards these ugly creatures is because they nest on the trees surrounding the junction heading into Bangsar Baru. The worst part is that they take the cars and pedestrians below as target practice. I wonder if these crows are taking side bets between themselves, saying how many cars or people they can hit below in a day. Sometimes, I just feel like taking a slingshot and giving them a piece of my mind. Just the other day I washed my car and had to wax it because a piece of crow's dropping ended up on the roof of my car. It dried and sorta stuck into the paint job, which ruined it. Washing it and scrubbing too hard may scratch the surface. Therefore, I had to resort to waxing and polishing the remains of the dropping off. Bloody crows!

Speaking of which, I got hit by crow's droppings about 10 years ago. I still remember it very well because it happened on a Friday the 13th. Talk about irony! Back then I had to walk home from school, I took Jalan Telawi and while I was walking under the trees to get some shade from the sun, a piece of crow's dropping hit me right on the left shoulder! Bugger! Thankfully I was on my way home instead of rushing somewhere for an appointment.

I should just sign up for the shooting club and take the crows out personally. I'd even do it for free without City Hall paying me. It's not that I have cruelty towards animals, but I really hate these crows! Come to think of it, how is it that Bangsar Baru became a nestling ground for these foul creatures?

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Da Vinci Google Posted by Hello

Saw this interesting Google picture on their website today. Thought it was very interesting, a lot more nicer than the Olympic one that they posted during last year's Olympics. Must be the Dan Brown fever taking heat. Wonder when is the show due for release. Finished reading the book about a month back, and I am really waiting to see it on the silver screen. Though, come to think of it, Angels and Demons would probably be a better film.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Went down to Berjaya Times Square with Zoe today. We needed to do some shopping for Jessica, spent the whole morning conferencing with the guys on what to get her. It's her birthday today, so we kinda left everything to the last minute. Actually, this time we were not at fault as Sue Ann only told Wan Yee yesterday afternoon. I only got the message sometime in the late evening. Plan was, get something for Jess, and get it quick!

This morning, all the guys could come up was a set of earrings. Luckily Zoe was around. We went to Debenhams to pick up something for her mum, and at the same time she suggested some soap pack, consisting of shower gels, soap and all that stuff that girls would use. It's hard enough for us to think of things like earrings, let alone get bath accessories. Walked around a bit more, was procrastinating on what to pick up. In the end, we went with Zoe's idea for bath accessories. The earrings didn't even look that nice. Plus, I don't think the ones that they displayed really suited Jess's style. The presents that we bought (as there were 9 of us sharing), were a bath sponge in a shape of a polar bear, a shower gel, and another bottle of shower gel and a shower cap. Hmmm, somehow, words don't do justice to the products. But I guess a picture does paint a thousand words. Hope she likes the present...

Dinner was a BBQ over at Merv's place. We didn't get him a birthday gift yet, it's another week. So we still have time. Though we are seriously running thin on choices. Come on people, brainstorm!

Ohh, and another news flash, Wan Yee a.k.a. the Snake needed to change his phone. As fate has it, his faithful but boring and uncoloured Nokia 8210 has served him well and drew it's last breath yesterday. It finally died on him! Looks like it was an act of God after all. We were all waiting for this moment... the time has come for him to accept that one can't live without colour phones with video playback and MP3 ringtune capabilities. It was inevitable!

Monday, April 11, 2005

My birthday Celebration at Lemon Garden!

Thanks again guys for the dinner in Shangrila yesterday night!

It was a good night out, the food was wonderful and having such wonderful company means a lot to me. Also, thanks to Wan Yee for getting everyone together. Couldn't ask for more, having a good night out with the closest friends. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes!

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Day of interviews

Finally went for two interviews yesterday. The first one was with MAA, Malaysian Assurance Alliance. Yes, dealing with insurance products. I have no idea what the company does and my resume was given to them by Y'ng Y'ng. Thanks to her, I got a call from the HR department on Friday. Hmm, a building next to a cemetary didn't sound too enticing at first. I remembered Wan Yee telling me that when he was there the first time, he parked in the open carpark. It was directly in front of a very large plot of cemetary land. The only thing seperating the tombstone from his car was a piece of string tied from one end to another signifying the borderline. Scary.

I arrived early for the interview, and headed straight for the carpark next to the cemetary. Plus it's Cheng Beng season, so I was thinking that the cemetary would be busier than usual as people would pay respect to the dead this particular month. I drove into the carpark and headed to one section where the was ample parking. I naively thought I was early and drove straight there. Next thing I saw was the string and after that the tombstone in front. Okay... no wonder there's ample parking here. I plonked the car in reverse and slammed on the gas. Went back towards the entrance and made a right turn to the other section of the carpark. The attendents were amused seeing how superstitious us Chinese people are. But then again, I believe avoidance is always better than cure.

The interview went well, though they really took their sweet time. I guess it's probably to get the candidates shaken up before the interview. Make you wait a little to shake your confidence, but that didn't work on me. I've been for a few interviews, and some were more intimidating than the panel of three that interviewed me. Though an interesting question did come up during the interview. The guy asked me how many girl friends that I have. I was thinking, how was this relevant to the position? Oh well, he was referring to how many female friends that I have. According to him, the more I have, the more suitable I'd be for the position. Duh! The pay for the job is high, but then again... I'm considering if this is indeed what I wanna be doing career wise. I told them that I have another interview with Mercedes Benz later in the afternoon. They really jumped and asked how soon can I start. Guess being called in for an interview by big names really shakes up the whole situation.

The interview with Mercedes Benz went pretty well. Honestly, I'm kinda caught in the crossroads. On one hand, I'd have a stable job with a well paying income. With Benz, the basic is small, but the earning capacity is really a lot better. There's no limit to how much I can earn here. But I'd really have to work for the leads. Selling cars isn't exactly everyone's cuppa tea. Though I somehow feel that being in the automotive industry is where I see myself in the future. My original intention was to apply for a marketing position in an automobile company. However, without the necessary knowledge and experience, it is hard to get my foot in the door. Starting in sales with Mercedes Benz would probably be the next best choice.