Saturday, December 15, 2007

new set of rims

Was in Bangsar this morning and bumped into an old friend, Jasdeep a.k.a. Jazz. He was still driving his Altezza and the funny thing was that he resprayed his car and both of our cars had the exact same shade, down to the same silver lining on the lip of the bumper. I was actually on the way to Klang when I saw him sitting there in Pelita. So had breakfast with him and caught up on old times.

As for today, got myself a new set of rims, finally. Back to the old Rays Volk TE37 replicas. I wanted the bronze colour but for the 5 lug nut rims, they only had white. I had to go through 3 different shops before I manage to find a shop that stocked 17" with a PCD of 114.5. The rest just stocked 16" and 18" rims.

Also checked my tyres, two of them had cracks in them, which was a good thing that I went down to Klang today. Picked up two pieces of Toyo tyres, good stuff.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What else proof do we need that we are living in dark times?

You know, when I wrote that Grand Theft Auto piece, it was something that I read in the newspapers. Recently a colleague of mine, had his brand new car stolen. Let's call him Joe. Now, Joe doesn't seem to have much luck with new cars. He previously bought a Toyota Vios. A couple of months back his window was smashed as he left his laundry bag at the backseat. That happened in a KL Sentral parking lot. A month later, his car was totalled as a Mitsubishi Storm rammed into him on the highway.

Two weeks ago, he bought himself a brand new Honda Jazz. He was near Jalan Alor about to leave for home at around 12.30am when a Wira swerved into his lane, cutting him off and he had gone up the curb. Immediately 3 Malay guys got down carrying sticks. They shouted at him to get out of his car. He thought they were only after cash, so he got down from his car. When I asked him why, he answered that he was affraid that they would hit his car with the stick. I told him, that was his first mistake, at that hour and that kind of place, they'd not only mug you but they'll take everything you have. Secondly, I told him it's the new car syndrome. Joe just got his car, barely two weeks old and he was affraid they'd dent it. For me, I'd have put the car in reverse, slammed into any car that's blocking me and speed off. Who cares about the damage when you are fearing for your life? That's another reason why I don't bother buying new cars. You care too much about it.

When Joe got down, the 3 guys surrounded him and asked him for his wallet. Joe said that he'd take out his identifiction card, which the thugs allowed. Once he did that, he threw the wallet at them. Next, they asked for his cell phone and car keys. Whe he refused, one of them started hitting him. He blocked it with his hand and another guy hit his thigh. Finally he gave up and handed them his cellphone and car keys. Along with it, he'd lost his sis-in-law's notebook, which was in the car.

What else proof do we need that we are living in dark times? A colleague of mine suggested to put the car in reverse and mow down whoever was blocking the way. Of course the cops would put you in jail for assault, even if it was in self-defence. You know, it wouldn't hurt to have a shotgun in your car nowadays.