Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our first pair of Crocs

Our first pair of Crocs. When these sandals/slippers hit the market 2 yrs back, they were a hit. At first, I could not get what the big deal was and paying RM 129 for a pair of Beach crocs was definitely a little steep for sandals.

These sandal were a phenomenon! It was like an overnight success in the US and now it's gone worldwide. I could not believe what the fuss was about until I tried one on.

Went to Tiff's parents' shop in Jaya and I tried a pair on when Yen was shopping for shoes. When you slip a pair on, it's like you don't want to take it out. I went for the ones with the thickest sole, which turned out to be the Offroad. It was damn comfortable, but unfortunately, they didn't have my size. Tiff's mum told me to get one a size bigger, it's supposed to be loose fitting.

So they directed me to Audrey's shop in DJ Atria. Again, no size. Audrey had to order one for me cause according to her, size 10 is her best seller. I wanted one with the black sole and red stripes. Heck, I thought to myself, since the toes are not exposed, I can wear them to work... cool!

With the crocs, you can actually put these little things called "jibbitz" as accessories. I got these cool Jack Sparrow and Pirate crossbones. I went with the Pirates of the Carribbean theme.

So I called Audrey yesterday and she said she'll swap the straps for me while waiting for her supplier to get back to her. Thanks for the favor Audrey!
As for Yen, she picked up a pair as well... Ithaca.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Had breakfast with Zoe and Gary at Merv's shop last Saturday.

Oh yea, here's the pose of the day...

"I wonder if this bag will look good as an accessory?"

"Ohhh... Hi, I'm on camera"

"My, I wonder what is this doing here?!... It's not mine, definitely!"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Flying cockroaches

I was listening to Fly FM this morning and half way through the show, Ben and Phat Fabes started shouting and screaming on the air. Well, for people who tuned in at that very moment, it would have seemed like an action stunt gone wrong. Turned out that there was a cockroach that was flying around in the studio that started the whole panic.

I hate flying cockroaches. It's not that I'm afraid of them, but they are more of an irritant. Come to think of it, these cockroaches that fly, they can't seem to control their flight patterns. It's like they've all of a sudden grown wings and decided to take to the skies, or so they think.

Believe me, every one has come across a flying cockroach in their lifetime. If you haven't, well then lucky you. As I was saying, their flight patterns are erratic and they seem to fly towards the nearest objecti in their sights. Don't believe me, try standing up when a cockroach is in mid flight. It's like their radar all of a sudden picks up the thing that's standing up and it attempts to make a landing.

When I was younger, I just ran. Now, when I notice a flying cockroach in the room, I roll up the closest newspaper or magazine, shaped like a baseball bat... stand up and hit a home run. Poor cockroach won't know what hit him. He's thinking he's flying up in the heavens and all of a sudden... BAM! he's in heaven...

Gosh, it just brings back funny memories when you think about things like that in the past.